Is there anything more important than the roof over our heads? It obviously keeps the rain from falling directly into your lounge room, and stops the sunburn when we’re laying back in the bath – but it’s even more important than that! Your roof design is actually a key structural element of the integrity of your entire home, whilst regulating your property’s energy efficiency – and, let’s face it, just looking great when it’s in tip-top shape. Are you dealing with roof damage? For your investment, your comfort, your safety and your hip pocket, it’s time to deal with it straight away.

So what sort of roofing damage are you dealing with – and what are you going to do about it?

1. Weather

Are the cruel elements responsible for your damaged roof? It can get awfully windy across our sunburnt country – so strong that it can lift off tiles, shingles and metal sheets. It also rains and hails, in some places it even snows – and even summer after summer of intense sunshine can lead to cracking, the loss of protective coatings and general weakness & fading.

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What can be done?: Roof problems can be prevented by regular inspections, while additional roof support and weather-resistant roofing solutions can be added or designed-in.

2. Water

The big weather risk, though, is that the roof damage will be so severe that your roof no longer completely prevents water & moisture from finding their way in. The consequences can be catastrophic, including obvious damage to what lies under that initial roof surface but also the rotting of structural wood elements, destruction of insulation, and the growth of harmful mould.

What can be done?: Again, regular inspections can help identify parts of your roof that may be vulnerable to moisture penetration, preceding repairs or the replacement of missing or damaged tiles.

3. Debris

If the wind or storm is severe enough, your roof could be having a very intimate conversation with trees, branches and other debris.

What can be done?: Your roof should be regularly checked for debris – so that it can be removed swiftly. This includes checking and cleaning out the gutters, trimming back nearby trees, and installing protective gutter guards.

4. Structural

As touched upon earlier, the roof isn’t just there to keep the rain off the bedspread – it’s there as a critical component of the entire building’s structural integrity. And unfortunately, roofing damage at a fundamental, structural level can occur simply as a matter of normal wear & tear.

What can be done?: Only regular professional inspections can identify all of the potential issues that can go wrong – and then address them in the form of repairs and reinforcements.

5. Pests

If you’re vigilant, you’ll be doing whatever you can to keep animals and critters out of your home. But you also need to keep them off the roof as well, which is a much harder thing to do – as you’ll need a ladder and a round-the-clock vigil to keep those birds, rodents, insects, possums and a dozen other creatures just love hanging out up there while you’re not looking and making that unbearable scratching noises on your roof.

What can be done?: You’ll need a local pest controller to deal with the pests, but probably a roofer near me as well to carry out detailed inspections of your damaged roof – looking especially for chewed, gnawed or otherwise damaged sections.

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