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Are your smoke alarms up to date? To keep your family, customers and property safe, and to comply with increasingly strict and complex smoke alarm legislation Australia-wide, you need a trusted and fully-licensed local electrician offering 5-start smoke alarm services on your side.

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Smoke Alarms FAQs

How much does smoke alarm installation cost?

When it comes to smoke alarm installation pricing, it’s is influenced by the type of smoke alarm (battery-operated or hardwired), the number of units required for your home, and any additional wiring or electrical work needed. Generally the installation varies from $100 to $150 per alarm. Always get a tailored quote from a certified installer for the most accurate cost estimation.

Can I install a smoke alarm myself?

While it is possible to install battery-operated smoke alarms yourself, it is strongly recommended that hardwired smoke detectors be installed by a licensed electrician. This ensures that the installation meets safety standards, local regulations, and proper wiring connections. A professional electrician will have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your smoke alarms are correctly installed and functioning as intended, providing you with the best protection possible in case of a fire emergency.

How many smoke detectors are needed in a room?

The number of smoke detectors needed in a room depends on the size and layout of the space. As a general rule, it is recommended to have at least one smoke detector per level of your home, including basements and attics. Additionally, smoke detectors should be installed in every sleeping area and outside of each separate sleeping area. Large rooms, especially those over 300 square feet or with high ceilings, may require additional detectors for adequate coverage.

Where is it best to install a smoke detector?

To maximise safety, smoke detectors should be installed on the ceiling, near the centre of the room or hallway, and away from any vents or air ducts that might interfere with their operation. For rooms with pitched ceilings, install the detector at least 4 inches down from the highest point. If wall mounting is necessary, place the detector between 4 and 12 inches from the ceiling. In general, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local regulations for proper installation.

How long do smoke detectors last?

Smoke detectors typically have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. However, it’s important to regularly test and maintain your smoke detectors to ensure they are functioning properly. Replace the batteries at least once a year, or when the device emits a low battery signal, usually a chirping sound. After 10 years, it is recommended to replace the entire smoke detector, even if it appears to be functioning properly, as the sensors can become less effective over time.

Should smoke detectors be on the ceiling or wall?

Smoke detectors are most effective when installed on the ceiling, as smoke rises and accumulates near the ceiling before spreading throughout the room. Mounting the detector near the center of the ceiling ensures optimal coverage. If ceiling mounting is not possible, the detector can be placed on a wall, between 4 and 12 inches from the ceiling. Avoid corners, as they can create dead air spaces where smoke may not reach the detector as quickly. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local regulations for proper installation.


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