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Looking For Rodent Control Expert?

Ever since the First Fleet touched our shores, rodents have been a problem in Australia – and rodent control has been foremost in the minds of the most prudent among us. But in just the past few years, as construction boomed and waste management dipped, rat and mice infestation especially in Australia’s east has reached epidemic proportions. We know that rodents make you squirm, and many a house fire is caused by one of these critters chewing through wires, but rats and mice also spread more than 35 diseases – including via the fleas, mites and ticks they carry around on their bodies.

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Think rodents are just annoying? They can:

  • Bite
  • Feed up to 25 times every day, contaminating your food supply
  • Urinate to mark their territory and defecate 60 times per day
  • Chew through electrical & thermal insulation, damage your roof, create holes in roof eaves
  • Carry bacteria that is harmful to you and your pets

Even the air we breathe can be contaminated by rodent urine and faeces, so make sure you keep a sharp eye out for the common signs of an infestation.

These include:

  • Droppings
  • Food debris (ie. fruit)
  • Greasy trails or rub marks
  • Holes around your home & premises
  • Gnawing damage
  • Scratching, chewing & squeaking sounds

Are You Attracting Rodents Into Your Home Or Business?

If you’ve noticed any of those signs, sounds & foul smells, it might not just be rats or mice! In fact, about 40% of all mammals are in fact in the rodent family, with the Norway rat, the roof rat and the house mouse the ones you’re most likely to spot. But there are also 60 native rodents in Australia, which thrive because of their appetites, short breeding cycle and small size.

When an infestation is brewing at your place, we hate to break it to you – but it could be because of your habits at home. Infestations are commonly caused by:

  • Poor sanitation: The less clean and tidy your home is, the more food and water will be laying around to attract rodents. They also love pet bowls, exposed pools, piles of leaves, mulch and other debris.
  • Entry points: Rodents are incredibly good at squeezing into incredibly tight spaces! Any unsealed hole or crack that is bigger than a 20c piece will seem like a welcome mat.
  • Construction: Increased human intervention in ecosystems, such as construction, will mean rats and mice start looking for a more secure place to nest and breed. Rodents also seek warmer spaces when the temperature drops in winter.


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