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Looking For Safe Possum Removal?

There are plenty of people among us who will spot a possum in a tree at night and immediately start saying words like “cute” and “adorable” and “hello there!” And while we all loved Possum Magic, our attitudes to possums tend to change when we hear one scratching on the roof at 4 a.m. It’s in those moments that you won’t be looking for Mem Fox, but for fast, effective and affordable pest control and a skilled possum catcher!

Possum Removal

Got A Possum On The Roof? Here’s What To Do:

But possums are not just scratchy and annoying when you’re trying to sleep – they can also wreak absolute havoc on your home or business premises. Here’s why one of these furry lodgers should worry you:

They spread disease: Possums carry diseases including Tularemia and Burali ulcer and spread them around your home via their droppings and urine.

They have fleas: Even if the offending possum is disease-free, its fleas, lice and ticks might not be!

They damage your property: Possums don’t just scratch – they chew. That includes your plants, your possessions, and your electrical wires, which is a considerable fire risk.

What Does A Possum Look (And Sound) Like?

Did you know there are more possums in Australia than there are people? Not only that, there are no fewer than 30 different species – even though you’re likely to only encounter the two main types.

common ringtail possum removal

Ringtail possum: This furry critter is most easily identified by its long, slender tail that appears to have had its tail dipped in a pot of white paint.

common brushtail possum removal

Brushtail possum: The tail will also give the Brushtail possum away – it’s more like a feather duster, all bushy and black.

The sounds: Both possum types are nocturnal, so you’ll mostly hear their scratching, squeaking, screeching, grunting, growling, hissing, clicking and ‘shook-shook’ sounds at night.

Who Can Take Care Of Your Possum Removal?

So now we know what to look and listen out for, and why we really don’t want to be sharing our spaces with this otherwise cute Australian native animal, you’ll want to know who to call for your possum pest control.

But first things first! It’s crucial to point out that a good possum catcher is not just any old person who is good at catching possums. In Australia, native possums are a protected species, meaning no matter what state you’re in, there are laws governing what we can do with them. For instance, if you simply spot one in a tree and it’s driving your barking dog mad, you can’t simply remove the possum without facing penalties or even jail – and you (or a possum catcher) most certainly can’t kill it!

Check out the following possum management policy for each state:



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