Close your eyes, imagine your dream home, and now ask yourself: what roof colour do you see? Is it dark? Light? Red, brown, blue or green? White? Terracotta? We all have our aesthetic preferences – and no one can tell us we’re wrong because it’s entirely subjective.

There are different types of roofs to choose from including the popular standing seam metal roofs. But if choosing the best roof colour for your home build or roof restoration is doing you head in, relax, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that it doesn’t just matter what you like the most – you may be able to reach a rational and yet still personal and unique house roof colour for your place:

1. The efficiency

Depending on the colour, more or less heat from the sun will be absorbed by your roof. So if you’re super energy-efficiency minded, go for your favourite light colours – because that lightless will bounce a lot of the light back off and keep your home cooler, and your air conditioner bills cheaper.

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2. The mood

If your favourite colour is yellow, that’s because it’s associated with happiness, fun and positivity. After all, just imagine a yellow roof and try not to smile. It won’t necessarily look great on your roof, though – but orange/brown is warm and earthy, green reflects our natural environment, and blue is like the calm and optimistic sky and ocean.

3. The value

If your home re-sale price is driving you, however, you’re going to want to know the best roof colours for attracting the maximum number of potential buyers. In that case, think neutral – grey, beige, tan, earthy tones, sleek and modern black, dark blues and greens, or clean and crisp whites.

4. The durability

Honestly, when it comes to longevity, the materials and quality of the roofing system are probably more important than just the colour. However, you should be looking at the more fade-resistant colours – and they’re the lighter ones because of all the reflected UV. But earthy browns are also good, as are ‘cool’ blue or green shades.

5. The regulations

You’re no doubt aware that, across our great country, various local jurisdictions actually prescribe certain house roof colours – and that is increasingly the case in our ‘climate change’-observant culture. In some Western Australian locations, for instance, lighter colours are compulsory for their reflectivity and anti-absorption qualities, but other councils simply issue guidelines for reasons of visual harmony and local character.

6. The maintenance

If you’re most worried about how it looks six months after your roofing paint colours are up and installed, remember this: the lighter it is, the more visible dirt and debris you’ll see.

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