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Looking For Expert Cockroach Control Services?

Rats? Bed bugs? Spiders? Believe it or not, it’s actually cockroaches that so often tops the list of the most hated pests in your home and premises. Sure, they don’t bite us humans often, but there’s no doubt that it’s a filthy, disgusting pest that makes us shudder when we see them. But why else should we be that bothered about cockroach pest control?

How about their traipsing of bacteria, Salmonella and disease-producing organisms onto our surfaces? And don’t forget about the way they vomit and defecate staphylococcus, streptococcus and the poliovirus onto our food. They also reproduce at warp speed, make our customers run away, and get us into trouble with the health authorities.

Don’t Ignore A Cockroach – Get Cockroach Removal Today!

That’s right: If you’ve spotted a roach, you need to deal with it. So how do you even know if you’ve spotted one of the 3,500 cockroach species?

Firstly, in Australia, you’re most likely to spot:

American cockroaches: If your roach is large and black, it’s probably an American roach.

German cockroaches: If it’s smaller and browner, though, tell your cockroach exterminator that it’s probably a German cockroach.

Oriental cockroach: If it seems half-way between an American and German roach, welcome to the oriental cockroach.

How To Tell If You Need A Cockroach Exterminator?

As well as spotting this filthy critter in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and around drains, there are other ways to know if you have a reason to start browsing for reputable pest control for cockroaches.

Droppings: Watch out for black, dust or coffee-like droppings – and because they can climb, you’ll find it anywhere and everywhere.

Smears: Spotted a strange brown smear on your kitchen counter? You need cockroach pest control!

Eggs: Actually, you won’t see the roach egg, but a capsule containing multiple eggs called an ootheca.

Skin: As cockies grow, these untidy and unclean pests leave their old skins behind.

Damage: You’ll notice cockroach nibble damage on food packaging but also items with an organic origin, like books and leather.

Smell: When they defecate all over your place, it produces a horrible and intense smell that tells other cockroaches to come and join the fun.


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