Even in the dead of the night, rattling noises from the roof can make it difficult to sleep at night. This is a common occurrence in all parts of the globe, but it is more prevalent in Australia. The only thing that causes nighttime noises is the presence of critters.

Some of these creatures can also be active during the day. It is difficult to spot them because you are not home during the day. You conclude that noises only rise at night.

Let’s now learn more about the critters and their activities. Now let’s look at these nocturnal, creepy, feathery or furry creatures who make that annoying scratching sound that keeps you awake all night.

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1. Birds on Roofs

It’s funny to see birds choosing our homes over the forest. These birds have made our roofs their home in search of comfort. While this does not seem to be a threat, the droppings of our feathered friends could cause disease. Their activity is most intense at dawn and dusk.

2. Roofs with Possums

These Australian native marsupials share your roof with the birds. They are easily identifiable by their loud hisses, growls and grunts. They can also irritate and smell bad for dogs. They won’t spare your vegetables either. These signs are indicative that there may be more than one possum on your roof. Hire a pest control service to take care of them. Do not try to DIY!

3. Roof Rodents

These unwanted sounds can also be made by rodents such as mice and rats in Australia. They will scratch at your roof, especially at night, and make high-pitched sounds like a possum. Other signs of rodents are their gnawing noises and the slight pitter-patter from their tiny feet. To facilitate their entry and exit, they will make large holes and openings around your roof.

4. Other

One group of culprits that you may not have thought of is the wasps or bees. As surprising as it may seem, these tapping and buzzing creatures can make your roof home. The scratching sounds may also be caused by tree branches hitting your roof, especially in windy conditions. If you suspect that the wasps are responsible, call a pest control professional. If the tree branches are to blame, it’s time to get out the gardener or a local arborist to prune the trees.

What do these scratching sounds mean?

Let’s now look at the consequences. You might have thought that these critters “cannot do much”. This is a good time to rethink your opinion.

  • Damages Roof spaces will be damaged by these roof-dwelling insects over time. You will see them chewing on your pipes, wood and wires or causing damage to the whole structure by their incessant movements. You would have to replace damaged household services. In rare cases, chewed or exposed wires could cause a fire.
  • Diseases Invasion: Birds can carry mites and fleas. It is only a matter of time before they invade your home. Rodents can also bring in bacteria, parasites and eventually diseases. What’s more? These pests’ droppings can cause serious infestations.
  • Unpleasant Odours: Droppings may smell bad, but it isn’t as severe as the smell that comes with rotten or dying pests.

It is important to address any scratching sounds on your roof as soon as possible. Professional pest controllers are the best tradesmen to hire for your safety and the best results. They will likely conduct a house inspection to detect signs of termite activity in the early stages. This will save you even more hassle.

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