While we all know the importance of a spacious kitchen and a master bedroom with an ensuite, how much do you think about roof types? While it is important to keep your roof over your head, most people don’t realise how important different roof styles are for the overall appearance and performance of your home. They keep us dry and protect us from the rain. But, you might not realise that it is only the technical and economic aspects that matter. Did you know that there are at most a dozen different types of roofs in Australia? Designers will sometimes recommend a roof style that is best suited to your home or combine it with another.

Find out which roofs are the most beautiful and visually stunning. These are our top picks.

1. Flat

Boring? Bad for drainage? You might be wrong. Flat roofs remain the most popular and widespread, especially in modern homes. They are affordable, simple, and can repel run-off and debris better than any other roof type.

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2. Skillion

The skillion roof is a flat roof that has a twist. It looks great and is modern and fresh. It’s a normal addition to your main roof and is easier to maintain than a flat roofing.

3. Butterfly

Want skillion … but even more skillion?! This is what we call a butterfly roof. It’s basically two skillion roofs combined for an incredible aesthetic treat. It’s more difficult to put together, and you will need to take care of it, but it looks great and provides easy drainage.

4. Curved

A contemporary curved roof is a great option if you’re looking to be all in with your roof style. It will be a standout in your local coastal area, but it is also one of the most popular roof designs in Australia.

5. Gabled/Peaked

You might be a little more traditional, but the triangular gabled roof remains very popular, even if you don’t plan to use the space for an attic. This roof style is very affordable. You’ll only need to be careful about leaks after a while.

6. Hipped

The hipped roof is probably the most well-known of all different types of roofs. Imagine a single ridge at its top, like a mountain’s ridge. Then imagine the pitched planes that slope towards the gutters. It’s trendy and fashionable, but it offers protection, structural integrity, and much more.

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