We’ve all been there – hot summer night, trying to drift off to sleep, but wondering if that ceiling fan is making noise that it shouldn’t be making. Shouldn’t it be a quiet hum? So stop tossing and turning, because we’re shedding light on how to fix fan noise that’s doing your head in!

How to fix noisy ceiling fan problems

It’s annoying, it’s unsettling, it’s worrying – but that noisy ceiling fan could be suffering from a veritable list of problems. Maybe it’s just a loose fitting. Maybe it’s a serious mechanical issue that’s going to cost you a wallet-full. But leave it too long before dealing with the right noisy ceiling fan fix and you’re going to be dealing with a much bigger problem.

All you really want is a list of remedies for the perfect ceiling fan noise fix. And here it is:

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1. It’s just a loose screw

Your fan components are mainly held together by screws. And all that hurried and busy ceiling fan blade rotation means that, over time, those screws get loose – and start to rattle.

So when was the last time you looked at the fan’s motor housing, blade holders and light fixtures and gave it all a decent tightening with that screwdriver?

2. The blades are unbalanced

Fan makes noise when rotating? Think of a helicopter rotor as it does its life-saving, physics-defying thing – those blades are in perfect balance, aren’t they? Ceiling fans aren’t as regularly serviced (although they should be) as a chopper, and as a result, any slight imbalance or blade damage can lead to wobbling – and noise.

Have you measured that all the blades are precisely the same height from the ceiling when it’s not turned on? The solution might be as simple as gently bending the blade holders back into place or looking to get them replaced.

3. The motor is worn out

Maybe your ceiling fan’s motor has seen better days – but give it a pat on the back, because it’s worked hard!

You could try lubricating that tired motor with some light machine oil? On second thoughts, it may simply be ready for the bin.

4. The fixture is loose

Maybe it’s attached to a light fitting or a special ceiling fan fitting, but any ceiling fan can develop an irritating and alarming buzz if that fitting becomes loose.

5. Dust has built up over time

How often do you dust? A better question is how often do you dust your ceiling fan blades? If it’s been a while, maybe all that dusty weight has unbalanced the fan. Time to get out the spray n wipe!

6. A badly aligned/installed canopy

Ceiling fan making a grinding noise? It could be this: When your ceiling fan was installed, the decorative cover to hide the electrical box and mounting hardware – the canopy – might have been put too close to the ceiling. If it’s wobbled itself into direct contact with the canopy, that’s probably the grind you’re hearing.

You’re probably going to need that canopy re-aligned by a professional local electrician.

7. Worrying electrical issues

Does that ceiling fan noise sound more electrical-zappy than vibrating-buzzy? Oh dear – your fan’s motor might not be chatting to your home’s electrical system in the right way. It’s a common problem when the fan is connected to a dimmer switch intended for lights, so it might need a ceiling fan-specific speed control switch.

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