When it comes to putting a fan in bathroom spaces, you’ve most certainly already got one – an exhaust fan. But that’s purely an extraction and ventilation device to draw out all of that moisture, bad odours, and to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. What you may not have considered are bathroom ceiling fans.

Did you know about ceiling fans in bathrooms?

The next time you’re in a luxury bathroom, look up – because ceiling fans in bathrooms are a lot more common than you might think these days. Just like any other space, ceiling fans in bathrooms help to circulate the air, regulate humidity, and produce a gentle and comfortable breeze. But ceiling fans for bathrooms are also a great and novel why to add a touch of extra and ultra-modern decorative style to the most used room in your home, creating a spa-like atmosphere as you unwind and relax.

But don’t just put up any old standard ceiling fan in your bathroom. Why not? Because ceiling bathroom fans are specifically designed and constructed to deal with the extra moisture and humidity that could cause hazardous ceiling fan problems:

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  • Rust & corrosion: Normal ceiling fans feature certain metal components that may rust and corrode when installed in a bathroom
  • Electrical hazards: We all know that moisture and electricity don’t mix, which is why a bathroom ceiling fan meets more stringent electrical safety standards to reduce the risk of shock or electrical fire.

A ceiling fan in bathroom spaces is also designed to be less noisy for your relaxing space, whilst their generally smaller blade sizes and more powerful motors are to tackle the task of circulating damper-than-usual air.

4 special options for your ceiling fan in bathroom

Are you excited about installing ceiling fans in the bathrooms at your place this week? You may be even more excited when you discover some of the in-built extras you could bundle with your new bathroom ceiling fan:

1. Lights

As outlined above, the extra moisture, corrosion and ingress-resistance build into your ceiling fan means it is perfectly safe to select one with in-built lights. Some of the latest feature super-reliable and ultra-modern LED bulbs that can even be used independently when the fan itself isn’t operating.

2. Heaters

Just like with your in-built lights, why not consider in-built heating features for your bathroom ceiling fans too? Especially for smaller bathroom spaces, it’s the perfect way to maximise ceiling room whilst easily warming up after hopping out of that bath or shower.

3. Sensors

Did you know bathroom ceiling fans very often come with sophisticated sensors built-in? For instance, a humidity sensor can switch on the fan when the bathroom steam starts to build up, whilst motion sensors can be set to get those blades rotating as soon as a person walks into the room – and switch it off once you leave.

4. Remote controls

Remotes for ceiling fans are obviously fairly standard these days to control the speed and also for changing directions of ceiling fans. But are they appropriate for those wet, moist & humid bathroom spaces? The answer is yes, because they will feature specific moisture-resistant seals and coatings to keep the water out as you operate the motor, lights & heaters.

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