AC/DC may give electrifying performances, but AC vs DC ceiling fans is something else entirely – although it’s still rather electrifying! Did you know a founding member of the iconic Aussie band saw the words “AC/DC” on a sewing machine and thought it encapsulated the electrifying power of the songs we’ve all come to know and love? But what is AC and what is DC? And how is it relevant at all to AC vs DC ceiling fans?

AC fan VS DC fan – What’s the deal?

Well, to stay in the rock band analogy, AC is like a wild party – constantly changing direction and keeping you on your toes. DC, on the other hand, is more like a steady head-banging rhythm that never lets up. Rock on!

What that actually means is that AC (meaning Alternating Current) is the type of current that periodically changes direction – like the electrical power sent out to homes by your power provider. DC, on the other hand, refers to DC, or the kind of Direct Current that flows in one direction – like most of the electrical devices at your place.

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But how does any of that relate to an AC vs DC ceiling fan, you may be wondering. Instead of explaining, let’s just say this: if you have an older ceiling fan, it probably runs on AC current, while your whiz-bang new ceiling fan is probably DC.

Feeling a little confused? Let’s break it all down into something very simple – our exclusive ceiling fans AC vs DC head-to-head. We’ll outline 5 pros of AC ceiling fans and 5 cons – and then do the same for DC ceiling fans. Let’s get started!:

AC vs DC ceiling fan – The big analysis

Facing a confusing AC fan vs DC fan choice? We’ll try to make it as simple as possible for you to understand the main differences:

AC ceiling fan – 5 Pros

1. Affordable

They’ve been around a long time, so you’ll find that AC fans are generally more affordable.

2. Widely available

From a specialist ceiling fan distributor to the cheap shop just around the corner, you’ll find AC ceiling fans just about anywhere.

3. Easy to install

Yes, you’ll need a local electrician. But all they’ll need to do is hook up the wires from the fan to the corresponding wire connectors.

4. Strong airflow

Once they’re hooked up, though, AC ceiling fans have a great reputation for a strong flow of air.

5. Reliable

They’ve been around a long time, so that means the manufacturers have gotten very good at making them last for a long time – and we’re talking decades here.

But what about the cons?

  • More energy consumption
  • More noise
  • Limited speed control

DC ceiling fan – 5 Pros

1. Energy efficient

If your main concern is less of a dent in those skyrocketing electricity bills, look into the new range of DC fans.

2. Quiet

DC ceiling fans tend to be quieter – even at high speed. So if you’re installing a ceiling fan for the bedrooms, DC is a great choice.

3. Wide speed range

DC ceiling fans typically have a wider range of speed settings, providing you with a greater choice about just how fast or just how slow you’d like those blades to rotate.

4. Better low-speed performance

AC might be better for outright power, but if you’re looking for a fan that performs better at a low speed for those warm summer nights in the bedroom, DC might be a better bet.

5. Environmentally friendly

Your DC fan will almost certainly cost less to run – and in an age of high power bills where your carbon footprint really matters, that’s really a double-pro, isn’t it?

But what about the cons?

  • Higher ticket price
  • Harder to find in cheap shops
  • More complex/expensive installation
  • Lower maximum power/airflow

DC vs AC fans – Need some help?

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