If there’s something we pretty much all have in common across Australia, it’s our love of the outdoors. On a deck, on the patio, in the comfortable shade under a verandah, on the porch, in a pool area or garden gazebo – you name it! If it’s sunny and you’ve got the day off, we love to hang out there. So have you considered getting outdoor ceiling fans installed?

Don’t forget, just because there aren’t four walls and a ceiling encasing the space, that doesn’t mean you can’t circulate the air to regulate the temperature. But did you know alfresco ceiling fans also work to:

  • Keep insects away?
  • Enhance your space’s style?
  • Keep energy bills low with a cheap air conditioning alternative?
  • Increase your property’s value?

What you might not know is that, if you’ve decided you want to install a ceiling fan outdoors, there are some key differences between standard indoor fans and special alfresco fans that you really need to know about. And it’s all about:

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1. Weather resistance

The climate inside your house is pretty simple: either warm or cool. But the outdoor ceiling fan obviously has to withstand exposure to many more conditions and elements, including rain, wind, humidity and temperature extremes.

2. Safety

Because fans for outside need to deal with these less-controllable weather conditions, there are obviously different safety standards in play too. So because indoor fans are designed to be coping with outdoor conditions, they can actually be hazardous when installed outdoors.

Across Australia, the relevant standard is AS/NZS 60335-2-80 – Appendix AA, which outlines extra requirements for moisture and UV radiation in particular, as well as extra protection against electric shock. Additionally, there are extra IP (ingress protection) ratings that the best outdoor ceiling fans Australia-wide will adhere to, adding in protection for dust and water.

3. Corrosion

As for the construction itself, the outdoor ceiling fan will be designed to be much more resistant to corrosion – because of the exposure to moisture, salt and other elements. Without these anti-corrosion qualities, indoor ceiling fans are prone to rusting and motor malfunction.

4. Size & style

Patio ceiling fans also differ at the most obvious level – how they look! The most obvious difference is the motor and blade size because the alfresco ceiling fan needs to charge through high wind and weather extremes and have an effect over a larger space, therefore requiring a bigger motor and blades.

But you’ll also find that outdoor ceiling fans are made of different materials, like more durable and weather-resistant aluminium and stainless steel as opposed to cheap plastic or wooden indoor fans. Outdoor fans can have a more weather-resistant, robust, utilitarian look, while lighting is less often easily integrated for outdoor use – and not just because there’s more to go wrong but because it attracts the mozzies!

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