Light bulb blown … again?! When even a single light bulb emits that familiar and startling ‘pop’ as it blows out, it can be a worry. But while the occasional bulb failure is just a normal part of life at home, the situation becomes a lot more concerning when multiple light bulbs keep popping off like popcorn in a microwave. It’s a serious red flag about a deeper and potentially hazardous and expensive issue at play. Why do my lightbulbs keep blowing? If you’re here to find the answers, sit tight and stop worrying because help is at hand:

Why do my light bulbs keep blowing?

When one bulb goes bang or burns out now and then, it’s a little frustrating but you move on. But if it’s one particular fitting that’s going through bulbs like they’re going out of style, or if multiple fittings around your home are experiencing the same problem, understanding what on earth is going on is absolutely critical. Light bulbs popping left, right and centre? Here’s what might be going on at your place:

1. High voltage

Multiple light bulbs blowing? It could be the voltage that is being supplied to your home – and it’s occasionally too high. If the voltage is higher than the 240 volts that Australian homes are designed for plus the built-in tolerance, the bulb simply can’t cope – and it goes pop.

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Yes, we know 240V is the standard. But the grid actually can fluctuate, caused by local distribution, outdated infrastructure – or it might be your solar panels!

2. Loose connections

Is it a single fitting that keeps blowing bulbs? Perhaps the connection is simply faulty – or just loose! This intermittent supply of electricity to the bulb can mirror the voltage fluctuations we just talked about.

3. Poor quality bulbs

Light bulbs blowing when turned on – for the first time ever? Just how much did you spend on that bulk box of bulbs that were bought on extreme discount? If it’s super-cheap or simply the wrong type of light bulb, they’re potentially going to fail … constantly!

4. Overheating

When was the last time you had those light fittings checked for proper ventilation? It could be as simple as excessive heat build-up, causing those bulbs to get super-hot before suddenly failing. It’s quite common in enclosed fixtures or recessed lighting, affecting both single and multiple fixtures if they share the same design flaw.

5. Electrical surges

The cause might actually be a power surge, which can most definitely damage those bulbs consistently. Surge protectors can help, as homes unprotected by them can see multiple fittings affected after events like lightning strikes or power outages.

6. Frequent switching

Do you turn your light bulbs get turned on-off, on-off, on-off like a 4-year-old toddler is in charge? That kind of behaviour makes those bulbs a lot more likely to blow, caused by the constant and sudden thermal stresses of rapid temperature changes that can wreck the bulb’s filament.

7. Wrong bulb wattage

Have you accidentally assumed the habit of installing bulbs with a higher wattage than the particular fixture can handle? That leads directly to overheating and bulb failure.

8. Faulty wiring/circuitry

Is your home pretty old? Very old?! It’s possible your outdated electrical system and a resulting inconsistent electrical flow, coupled with underlying wiring or compatibility issues, are affecting both single and multiple fittings.

9. Incompatible dimmer switches?

Why do my LED light bulbs keep blowing? These days, people have come to expect super-durability from their LED bulbs – so what’s the deal? In reality, they’re actually extremely sensitive to the type of dimmer switch they are used with, as many older ones are designed for use with incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Why do my bulbs keep blowing? It’s a question the best electricians hear an awful lot – and it’s critical to find the precise cause so that you can stop spending all of that money on extra bulbs whilst safeguarding the efficiency and also the safety of your home’s electrical system.

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