Solar panel systems are one of the most cost-effective investments you can make. Not only will you save money on your electricity bills, but you’ll also be contributing to a cleaner future.

Although solar panels require very little maintenance, there are still problems that can occur. Your solar panels are the most visible component of your solar power system. This guide will help you to identify and avoid the most common solar panel problems that can occur on your system.

Hot spots

If a solar panel’s energy production pathways become disrupted, hot spots may occur. If your solar inverter cannot receive the solar panel’s power, it can cause hot spots. They will become too hot and produce excessive heat. This is the most common problem with solar panels. The performance of your solar panels can be affected by hot spots, which can lead to irreparable damage.

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You can find hot spots on your solar panel due to things like bird droppings or dirt accumulation, partial shading or structural defects.

In this case, prevention is better than cure. You can help to prevent this from happening by making sure that your solar panels are clean and free of bird droppings or dirt. This is not always possible due to structural defects and partial shading. It is important to purchase your solar power system only from a reliable solar panel installer. They will be able to take into consideration these factors when designing your array. To ensure that you don’t go broke, make sure to review your product warranty.


Your solar panels can sometimes develop micro-cracks from the fragile photovoltaic (PV), cells. These micro-cracks can be tiny cracks on solar panels. These cracks are difficult to spot at first, but they can become more obvious over time. These cracks can cause your solar power system to be less efficient by reducing the flow of solar energy and decreasing the system’s output.

Once they have grown to the point that they are affecting your solar panel production, it is impossible to repair them. Your solar panels may need to be replaced.

Sometimes micro-cracks may occur in the production of solar panels from less-reputable producers. However, they are more often caused by negligence during shipment or installation. Bad weather, such as hail, can also cause micro-cracks.

Snail trails

Snail trails can be described as brown lines on solar panels that look similar to snail tracks. These lines can form due to moisture buildup in solar panels. In some cases, they can cause premature failure.

There are many factors that can cause snail trails, such as defective silver paste during manufacturing or micro-cracks within the solar cells, which can generate localised heat that reacts with moisture and creates the snail trails.

It is important to avoid snail trails on solar panels by working with a reliable solar company that offers high-quality products. Also, make sure that your warranties cover such issues. You will be able to know that your solar panels will be taken care of if they have any problems.

We hope that you have gained a better understanding of some of the potential solar panel problems, as well as what can be done to minimise these risks. You can contact our local tradie network to arrange a solar panel installer that takes into consideration minimising these issues.

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