The Aussie summer is always scorching, so the last thing you want is a malfunctioning air conditioner – especially one that’s leaking! It’s not just a nuisance and bad for family relations, it can also be a clear symptom of a much bigger – and more expensive – issue. Is water leaking from your air conditioner right now? Understanding the reasons can really save time, money, and a heck of a lot of sweat. So let’s take a deep dive:

The usual suspects: Common causes of AC leaks

Feeling ready to panic because you’ve discovered your air conditioner leaking? Instead of freaking out, let’s understand the various factors that have probably led to your aircon dripping water – some of which are surprisingly common and easily fixable.

1. Clogged drain line

The most common culprit behind a pesky aircon leaking is a clogged drain line. Dust, dirt, and other debris can build up over time, blocking the path that allows condensation to exit the unit as intended. It’s particularly prevalent in seriously humid Australian climates.

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2. Frozen evaporator coils

From high heat and humidity to frozen evaporator coils! But understand that when you discover an air conditioner leaking, it really could be because your AC’s evaporator coils have frozen. The ice then melts, the water then drips, and you see the leak. And the freezing isn’t always because of freezing weather, but low refrigerant levels, poor circulation, or running the AC at too low a temperature – which is always tempting when the mercury is soaring!

3. Damaged or rusted drain pan

Over time, the drain pan – which catches condensation from the AC unit – becomes damaged or even rusted all the way through. Older units, typically more than 15 years old, are particularly prone to this issue, leading to the pan not being able to hold water – and causing a leak.

4. Improper installation

Why is my aircon leaking water, we hear you ask? Well, if it was never installed correctly in the first place, water could be pooling and eventually leaking – especially if it wasn’t levelled right by the professional electrician.

5. Refrigerant leaks

Although this isn’t too common, a refrigerant leak can cause the pressure in your system to drop – leading to freezing and subsequent thawing and leaking. And bear in mind: Apart from leaks, this issue will also reduce the efficiency of your unit, so get it taken care of.

Aircon dripping water is more than just a little puddle

Beware: The consequences of a leaking air conditioner extend beyond the inconvenience of mopping up. Over time, unchecked leaks can lead to significant water damage in your home – like mould growth, which is a serious health hazard. Also, a leaking AC is far less efficient and consumes more power, hitting you with even higher energy bills.

Prevention & maintenance: Your best defence

Regular maintenance is your best defence against a leaky air conditioner. This includes routine cleaning of the air filters and checking the drain line for blockages. Also, ensure your unit is serviced regularly by a professional, especially before the peak of summer.

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