We all agree that concrete is beautiful and long-lasting. In fact, concrete is a popular material to use not just in Australia but also around the globe. This feat is remarkable for something that is essentially cement and aggregate mixed with water and then poured in any shape or form for curing. You can also make it extremely versatile with a variety of concrete finishes.

There are so many concrete finishes to choose from. How can you decide which one is best for your project? To be truly spoiled for choice, you must first know exactly what options are available to you.

Finishing concrete – What options do I have?

Are concrete finishes all about looks? Will some concrete finishes last longer or be more suitable for the job or promote safety? Let’s dive deep into the concrete finish options available to us.

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1. Troweled finish

Sometimes, this option will have the word “smooth” at the front. And this is for a good reason – it’s smooth and glossy. This is due to a well-trained concreter using a pull-and push action. This is a great solution for those who want a sleek, clean look and easy water run-off. It can be used on verandahs or paths.

2. Broom finish

A broom-textured finish is probably even more popular for your concrete paths and concrete driveways. This most popular concrete surface finish is actually named after the broom. It gives concrete driveways that ridged texture. It’s durable, affordable, and will give you a little more grip when it gets wet.

3. Exposed aggregate finish

Ever wonder how concrete’s beautiful, exposed finish is possible? We know that concrete is the result of cement-plus-aggregate, but when you wash away that top layer of cement, what you see on the surface are those beautiful aggregate contents – like shells, stones, glass, granite, or whatever else is used. The most stunning type of concrete finish is made by troweling as normal. However, the top layer of cement is removed and the concrete is washed using a brilliant technique. It’s beautiful, non-slip and a great choice.

4. Stamped/stencilled finish

It’s something we all have seen, but you now know its name: stamped. Stencilled on the other hand is also similar to stamped because what is important is not the name, it is the pattern. Basically, you can stamp any pattern into the concrete. It’s all up to your aesthetic choices. You can combine the rubber-stamped patterns with any colour you choose or try to imitate a stone, brick, or other paved material finish. Then, you can stand back and admire the final product. Be aware that concrete can become very slippery from the stencilling or stamping process.

5. Salt finish

Ask your concrete contractor about salt finishes if you’re using them for a pool deck or other wet areas. It’s as simple as applying rock salt to the surface. After curing, it is washed away leaving a grippy surface that’s suitable for slimy bare feet. Sandwashed concrete is another great option. It is an exposed aggregate finish with lots of sandy particles, giving the surface brilliant traction.

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Do you know of any other concrete finishes? How much time do you have? The sky is the limit if you choose your concreting company carefully enough. Do you want a rough, ‘normal concrete’ look? Done. Terrazzo with marble chips Can do. Want a swirly, undulating concrete finish? It’s possible. You thought a post-cured stain might seem too exotic to contemplate? Ask!

Whatever type of concrete finish you have in mind, rest assured that we have the expertise to help! Concreters Near Me is an Australian concreting network that will help you find the best concreters available to help you with your comprehensive design and consultation process. We will be sure to get you the results you want. Get in touch today.

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