One of the most common building products is concrete. It is an important component of many building products, including house slabs and pavings, driveways, swimming pool surrounds and other outdoor spaces. Concrete is a great material for reducing building costs. It’s easy to use and abundant, which makes it possible to finish large areas in a very short time. It can also be used for great designs and properties for flooring like a stencil and aggregate concrete.

What is the cost of concrete per square metre?

Concrete costs can be calculated for most applications using the square metre rate. However, different concreting rates can vary from $70-$170 per square metre. This rate includes both labour and materials.

Concrete costs also depend on how the concrete is finished. A decorative finish can be more costly than a plain slab of concrete. Plain concrete can be expected to cost between $70 and $90 per square metre, while coloured concrete will run you $90 to $110 per sq. m. Exposed aggregate and decorative stencilled finishes require more labour, so they are charged at a higher rate of $120 to $170 per sq metre.

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What budget should you have for concreting projects?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of concreting your project.

  • The site’s size
  • Excavating and levelling costs
  • Drainage required
  • Accessibility to the site
  • The site’s slope
  • Permits and drafts are required

Concrete thickness and the cost of reinforcing material will vary depending on their use. Concrete driveways will cost more than concrete patios or paths because they must withstand the vehicle’s weight.

The cost of concrete depends on where it is being placed and what type of concrete will be used.

Different types of concreting

There are many types of concreting depending on the type of project you have and what finish you prefer. The most popular concrete applications for residential purposes include:

  • Concrete footpaths: A decorative and functional type, which can be one layer or multiple blocks.
  • Concrete driveways: Concrete driveways offer a stable surface for driveways and are available in many finishes, including stencilled, stamped and exposed aggregate. Concrete driveways are more expensive than footpaths due to the fact that a heavier load requires a thicker slab.
  • Concrete slabs for houses: A sturdy, cost-effective, and long-lasting concrete slab. House slab costs should consider the design and drafting services as well as the type of house slab construction waffle (floating) slab.
  • Concrete pools: Concrete is a great material for swimming pools. It is durable and stable. Concrete pool costs are influenced by excavation and formwork.
  • Coloured concrete: Dyed concrete can be used to add colour to any area of your home, without spending more than plain concrete.
  • Exposed aggregate concrete: This is a common decorative feature. It involves adding stone to concrete and then exposing the top layer. This is a popular choice for driveways and pathways. It is more costly, but it is also visually more appealing.
  • Stamped concrete: The concrete surface is left with an impression of beautiful paving patterns and designs.
  • Polished concrete: Polished concrete has also been gaining popularity with homeowners. For a striking effect, polished concrete floors are now available for both residential and commercial use. By staining and polishing old concrete floors, you can save thousands of money.

Concrete cutting costs

You might need core drilling or concrete cutting for a variety of reasons. It could be for renovation or concrete removal. Concreting companies usually have the equipment to cut expansion joints for new slabs. Specialist services are best for existing concrete that requires precision cutting and core drilling. The cost of concrete drilling or cutting will be quoted by them. This is typically based on the depth, complexity and length of the cuts required.

Conclusion: Concrete costs

It is important to factor in concrete costs before you start any project. To get the best value for your money, it is important to hire the right local concreter. Compare quotes and ensure that the concreting company you select specialises in the project you require.

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