All of us have had to deal with the inconvenience of being unable to access our homes, offices, or cars because keys were lost, misplaced, forgotten, or lost. A locksmith is the right person to call when you need to open a locked door and while they can be very helpful and skilled in their work, they may not always be available. But you don’t need to suffer through endless hassle just because you locked yourself out of your home or office. There’s an easier way to get in! Here are some simple ways to unlock a door without a key.

1. Use a Bobby pin

One of the most popular tricks to unlock doors is the bobby pin lockpick. This is also known as a “rake pick” and can be used for opening any door with a tumbler mechanism in the locking mechanism. This is the simplest and most straightforward to use.

This hack works because you only need a bobby pin. But it wouldn’t be very easy to execute. Finding the right one is the trickiest part as this will ensure that everything runs smoothly. This life hack is possible if you find a bobby pin that is very thin and flexible (the more flexible the better).

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2. Use a screwdriver

It is very simple to use a screwdriver instead of a key to open a door. Find the right one for your lock, and then insert it in the gap between the door frame and the knob or handle. Simply hold the screwdriver in your right hand, and then insert the tip into the space between the floor and the bottom of the door. Turn counterclockwise until you hear a click. Continue clockwise until you hear another click. Now, close the door.

3. Use a knife

This trick can be used to unlock your door without the use of a key.

If you have the skills, you can open your door using a knife. You first need to open the lock by using your knife. Insert it between the top and bottom of the keyhole. To unlock the lock, you will need to push down gently on the blade.

4. Lock picking

Lock picking or lock opening is the act of unlocking a lock through the analysis and manipulation of its components without using the original key. There are many tools that can be used to pick locks. They range from simple probes to highly-specialised tools designed for specific makes and models of locks.

5. Get a credit card

Sometimes, you have to go against the grain to accomplish a task. There is a new lock-picking method on the horizon. This requires no advanced skills or tools. All you need is a credit card and one of the small tool kits that your local shop sells. It’s easy to do: simply insert your credit card into the door jamb, and then push it against the strike plate. This will cause the bolt to come back and you can turn the doorknob or open it as normal.

6. Use a bump key

Bump keys are a simple tool that can open most locks. After inserting the tool into a keyway, one or more pins can be bumped with an Allen wrench or toothpick. This allows you to unlock doors and windows without the need for a key. This method can be used in an emergency situation.

7. Take out the hinges

By removing the hinges, you can unlock your door with no key. The hinges are designed to stop doors from opening; they keep things in their place. You can open the doors and allow new ideas to flow through if you take out the hinges. You will need a hammer and a puller to remove the hinges. These items are readily available on the market and even at your home.

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You’ve probably ever been locked out of your house or car and tried to get inside. In an emergency situation, it is a good idea to keep a spare key outside. But what if that key gets lost? It might seem impossible to open a door if the lock is jammed or broken. The above solutions can help you get back into your home, without having to damage anything. But if you tried all the solutions above and nothing works, it’s the right time to call a local locksmith for help.

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