For tradies, self storage may be a great option. A self storage facility that has units of all sizes is convenient for many reasons. Drive up units are convenient for tradies because they allow them to park right at the unit door and load or unload their stuff. Furthermore, they are accessible at any time. That makes self storage for tradies a great business opportunity. Here are some benefits of self storage for tradies.

Cost of renting a storage unit

If you’re a tradesman looking for a local storage facility, the cost of renting a self storage unit for trade equipment will depend on a variety of factors. Among these factors is location.  Likewise, the security of a storage facility can vary, so it’s important to ask questions when searching for a storage unit.

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The best way to compare rates is to look at the size and type of storage units available in your area. Many tradesmen will need more space than a typical storage unit. A large storage unit will require you to pay a higher rate than a smaller unit, but the savings will more than make up for this if you’re making use of the space. Moreover, a self storage facility will allow you more flexiblity and reduce the amount of money you spend on rent versus a warehouse lease.

Tax benefits are an obvious attraction for self storage, since you can claim the unit costs on tax.

Location of a storage facility

If you are a tradesman, you may be interested in renting a self-storage unit near a highway. An accessible unit will save loads of time on the road. This is especially true if it is more central to your service area than home.

A trade off is this – A facility located in a large city might charge higher prices than one located in a suburban area. So you need to strike the right balance.

As an example, for a tradie servicing Melbourne’s booming inner western suburbs a storage unit nearby in Williamstown is ideal, both central and close to highways without the premium pricing of the inner city.

What you can and can’t store

Things like pvc pipes, small or medium rolls of electrical wiring at various sizes and most tools are a no brainer, there are certain things you can’t store in a unit. Combustible items such as jerry cans of fuel, paint, solvents or toxic chemicals are a no-no.

The Conclusion

To truly be the tradie near me, you will benefit from local storage as you can more effiently service your area. If you’ve outgrown your own garage and are taking that next step in the growth of your business, it can be so much more viable than a warehouse. We think that for certain trades a self storage unit can make a lot of dollars and sense!

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