Why would you have to take out glass from your windows? Most often, the glass has cracked or broken or is not properly sealed. Perhaps it is time to replace your windows with tinted, or smart glasses. A professional glass shop can help you select the right size glass for your job. However, you will need to first remove the window glass from the frame and then bring the sash in. You may need to hire an expert glass installer if there is a break in a stationary window or sash that isn’t moving.

It’s easy to remove the glass before visiting your glass shop. Avoiding injury from broken glass is the most difficult part.

Safety precautions

Protective gear is the number one rule when working with glass. Broken glass or accidental damage to glass can cause serious injuries. When working with glass, wear heavy gloves made of leather palms, thick boots or shoes, and safety glasses. Also, long sleeves and long pants are highly recommended.

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When removing broken glass from a frame, you want to reduce the spread of glass fragments. Also, remove stubborn pieces without having to cut yourself. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Use tape.

Use masking tape to cover the entire windowpane except for the damaged area. You don’t need to press the glass too hard, but you can cover it with tape strips on one side. You can keep glass pieces from flying out of the window by using tape. Don’t use duct tape.

Step 2 – Protect the area.

If glass breaks, you can use a drop cloth or tarp to dispose of it. This should be done on both the exterior and interior areas of the window.

Step 3 – Use a hand tool to loosen the glass.

While some people prefer to use a hammer for this purpose, a prybar or other heavy-duty hand tool can be used as well. You want to break the glass by gently tapping. You can then remove the larger pieces and dispose them properly.

4: Remove any old glazing from the frame.

The window frame will hold the last pieces of glass. Clear away any glazing that may be clinging to the frame with a chisel, or a putty knife. You may need to use a flexible putty knife to make the cut between the glass and the frame if tape or caulk was used to secure the window. Carefully remove the glass from the frame.

Window glass can be installed in one of three ways: with caulk, with gasket or with adhesive tape. Caulk is most common.

The window is lined with removable stops or thin pieces of vinyl or wood. These will need to be removed in order to allow for some room to cut through the caulk seal. Sometimes the stops can become hard to remove due to being a bit caulked. To remove the stops, use a utility knife or thin flexible putty knife to cut through any caulk. To loosen the caulk, flip the glass and slide the knife between the frame and window. If this is too difficult, you may need to break the glass.

Cleaning Up Broken Glass

Wear safety gear if you break glass. To pick up small pieces, vacuum carefully around the window. You can place your glass pieces in a thick, black trash bag. The bag should be labeled with “Broken Glass for disposal” to let anyone handling it know that they are safe.

A professional glass installer can help you if you have any questions or are unsure how to remove glass window. Pros can help you choose the right replacement glass for your window, and within your budget.

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