Snakes are a part of the Australian way of life and it is important to note that they are not necessarily bad. Some of them are even harmless, like the Australian Green Tree snake you find to the north. They have an important role to play in the food chain as they eat frogs, small animals and fish. But there are some to avoid and there are things you can do on how to keep snakes away from home and garden.

Here are some great tips so that you see them less often around your property.

Tips to keep snakes at a distance!

  1. Investigate where they come in around the house and garage – they will crawl through small holes and cracks and hide in garages, in your roof, under the house and such. So make sure you do not have such openings in your property, and if you find some, block them off. Have screens on your doors and windows too so when you want to let in the air you are not also letting in a snake.
  2. Keeping your garden tidy is key – Mow your grass so it is not too high and snakes can easily hide in it, clear up woodpiles and junk piles, tidy up your garden shed and throw out piles of leaves and grass which snakes love to nest in.
  3. Think about the rocks you have in your garden – These are a perfect space for snakes to hang out, they love to sun themselves on rocks and then hide in the little nooks and crannies when it is time to shelter. If you have a rock wall or such block up the holes.
  4. Control your pest population – If you place rat and mice bait down, or have a pest control service come in to deal with your rodents, this will help you stay safe from snakes as you are taking away their food. Snakes are less likely to hang around a garden that is lacking in one of its favourite foods. If you do use bait just make sure no pets are small children can get to it.
  5. Another source of food are chooks you might keep – Put up meshing around them and any other birds you might keep so the snakes cannot get in and prey on them. If you keep the area tidy you can also prevent rodents from getting into the seed.
  6. Throw away food scraps properly – Make sure food goes into a bin and it is covered. They attract mice and rats which in turn attracts snakes.
  7. Think about having less leafy bushes and shrubbery – High and thick shrubs and bushes are a perfect place for snakes to shelter in. Keep the leaf litter cleared up and grow taller trees instead. If you live in a region where snakes are common, making your garden less ideal for them will see them choosing someone else to bother!

Other useful tips to keep snakes away from home and garden

Some people look for pets that might frighten away snakes but there are no pets that snakes really worry about and some cases when your pet is very small, it might even be a potential food source. Watch out for false promises from products made that promise to keep snakes away and actually do not do that at all. Snake repelling oils and such often do nothing. Snake repellers that transmit a vibration may actually attract them. Some experts believe that every 30-second vibration is like that of rodents, which snakes are drawn to for food.

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Best advice for serious cases

Your best option if you have either a rodent problem you are worried will draw in snakes, or a snake problem is to call pest control. A professional company can offer its experience and knowledge and help find holes and places you might not have seen. They can get into crawl spaces you might not be able to and they have the best understanding on how to stop them from coming in so you can stay safe from snakes. Look online for local options and check to see if they have experience with this area of pest control. You could also talk to neighbours and see who they use and see if that has been effective or not.

Look for pest control experts who are professional, prompt, communicate well and charge a fair and competitive price for their services. Some experience is good too. As well as being able to carry out pest control measures on your property they can also advise you on what habits to change, and what you can do to keep the snakes away once they leave the property. Snakes are a part of Australia, but you do not have to live with them in your home!

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