When considering termite treatment options and the cost of termite treatment in Australia there are two main options to choose between other than fumigation. There are barrier treatments and then there are baits. You might consider a cheaper alternative using chemicals to repel the termites away but the fact is this has a limited success rate and is not a long-lasting solution compared to baits and barriers. The kind of property you have and the land around it depends on which would best suit your needs, and a professional pest exterminator is the best person to discuss this with. Here is a closer look at what barrier and bait treatments look like and how much you can expect to budget for termite treatment cost.

Termite barrier treatment cost

A termite barrier treatment is a process of creating a perimeter of trenches around the home and pouring a liquid treatment into them. To get into your home the termites have to pass through those trenches and they pick up a lethal dose of the treatment when they do. They then carry it back to the nest where it starts working there. Termites die within 8 to 21 days eliminating the nests. It is important for a termite barrier to be successful that they are putting in the barrier or trenches properly and take no shortcuts in the termite treatment cost. Letting the termite control professional execute this is the best way to ensure this method is successful and gives you long term protection from termites.

As part of the termite treatment prices they offer, the professional will:

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  • Make sure they dig the trenches deep enough, below the footing by a good 100mm.
  • Make sure that per metre of trench there are 10 litres of liquid treatment.
  • Make sure that in concrete paths, they drill holes no further than 200mm apart.
  • Make sure that the tree roots that are against the trench wall sides are removed so there is no way for the termites to get around.
  • Make sure that as per Australian standards they offer a certificate of treatment certifying that all work meets those standards.

Homes that especially suit the barrier method are those on flat blocks or slabs. You can get up to 8 years of protection so it is worth looking into termite treatment costs with local experts that offer barrier treatment methods. For smaller properties, it is likely to start around $2000 and then moving up as the property grows in size. If the termites are nesting in the home there would be additional costs for treating the home too. You can save money using a repellent chemical instead but it does not get carried back to the nest, so is not recommended.

Termite baiting cost

Termite baiting is another option designed to get them before they get into the home. Every 3 metres around the home baits are placed down and the service will come out monthly to change those. The active termites will feed on the bait which is the food they like to eat laced with poison. They carry that back to the nest and the nest also dies.

When you are considering what treatment system to use and how much does termite treatment cost, the baiting option is better for homes on a slope or ones with a split level. You can lower the cost of this option by having the pest control company service the baits less often. This method tends to be a little more expensive than the barrier option and again depends on the size of the home. You might see prices starting around $1,500 and then going up to $3,500 as the property size and number of baits and bait stations required increases. This one is an ongoing cost as you pay them on an ongoing basis, and there are service fees each year to add. But you have no problems with termites getting in, permanently.

Other termite treatment cost factors

Where you live in Australia can affect termite treatment pricing. The cost of termite treatment in Sydney will be higher than in Melbourne, Brisbane and other regions due to the higher cost of living and wages.

The magnitude of the termite colony affects the amount of time, effort, and resources required for effective treatment. Larger infestations often necessitate more intensive and costly measures.

The location of the infestation and the ease of access for treatment professionals can influence costs. Hard-to-reach areas may require specialised equipment or additional time, leading to higher fees.

Choosing termite barriers or termite bait systems

While the cost of termite treatment is something you need to consider it is true that whether you have the bait system or the barrier is partly something your pest control expert will have to help you with depending on the property. Ask for a termite inspection and get an upfront quote on any treatments before you hire someone and make sure they are insured, are reputable and do their own work rather than sending subcontractors it.

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