Is something seriously wrong with your electrical power system at home? Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think to overload electrical circuits even if they’re actually working fine. If the issue really is a circuit overload, that’s really a big deal – because it could leave you in the dark, damage your appliances, and even cause a fire.

What is electrical overload?

When your circuit is trying to draw too much power, you can overload electrical systems – and then your problems really start! Normally, the cause is trying to use too many appliances that require high amounts of electricity at the same time within the same or an ageing or faulty system. And it’s critical that you know what to look out for if you’re dealing with an overloaded circuit:

  • Lights keep dimming or flickering when you use appliances?
  • Circuit breakers keep tripping?
  • Blowing fuses?
  • Outlets or switches feel warm?
  • Smell that electrical burning smell?
  • Seeing melted or discoloured sockets or switches?

It’s possible there’s something you can do about the fact that you’re dealing with an overload of electricity – although if you feel like you’re already out of your depth, save yourself the hassle and just give your friendly local electrician near you a call. Otherwise:

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1. Check out your wiring & appliances

Have a look at the cords and look for fraying or exposed copper wiring. Spot a problem? Throw it out right now – it’s not worth the risk of an electrical overload that could cause a major electrical hazard or a lot of damage.

2. Understand the power

Do you realise that your appliances may simply be unsuitable for your electrical circuit setup at home? Sometimes, you can get some information about how much power your appliances need by referring to the appliance documentation or labelling, and then cross-checking it with the design of your current power setup.

3. Buy energy-saving appliances

If it’s just one or two appliances that aren’t suitable for your setup, the easiest thing to do might be to simply upgrade the appliances rather than the entire power system.

4. Do you need re-wiring?

If your house is particularly old, it’s likely that the wiring and power system is simply no longer suitable for the power-hungry appliances you’re trying to use. Sure, rewiring will cost a bit, but consider it a long-term investment so you can live the safe, convenient and fun lifestyle you’re looking for.

Don’t overload electricity! Call us instead

Did you know that only fully-licensed electricians are able to carry out the sort of work that will really take care of your electric overload problems? At the very least, a thorough inspection of your home’s power system, wiring, switchboard and meter box setup may be necessary. Then, you may require rewiring, a switchboard repair or upgrade and perhaps even advanced features so that you can safely and conveniently do the things you want to do at home.

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