How often do you worry about the risks of an arc fault? If the answer is “never”, or you’re not even entirely sure what electrical arcing is, read on – as it could save you a lot of money on repairs, a devastating electrical fire, a lot of stress and disruption, and even a serious injury or death.

According to local emergency services, electrical faults cause hundreds of devastating house fires in Australia every single year – many of them triggered by a simple and instantaneous arc flash. And the only risk of an arc fault isn’t fire, but also burns, blindness, hearing loss and even death. A single arc flash is so powerful it can vaporise steel, send shrapnel flying, smash concrete, and rise up to 20,000°C – and it all happens in less than 1/1000th of a second.

What are the signs of electrical arcing?

The easiest way to explain how it happens is to imagine loose, incomplete or intermittent electrical connections that entice the dangerous electrical current to spark – or ‘arc’ – from and between conductors. Sometimes, it’s pretty minor – and with a bit of luck nothing will happen except:

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  • Buzzing
  • Hissing
  • Overheating
  • Charring, scorching & burning.

Normally, it’s caused by worn, loose or otherwise bad or faulty electrical connections or wiring. But something as simple as a nibbly mouse has been known to cause an electrical fire triggered by an arc flash, as well as:

1. Human error

When someone – even a professional – is fiddling with wiring, mistakes or carelessness can happen. In fact, it’s believed that at least half of all arc faults are caused by people, including:

  • Routine electrical work
  • Poor safety routines & testing
  • Dropped fasteners and tools.

2. Dust

Believe it or not, simply not doing your dusting could put you on the road to an arc flash! If it’s allowed to excessively build up on an electrical connection, that can be enough to create a faulted path for the dangerous current – attracting the attention of another nearby conductor.

3. Corrosion

When electrical connections start to corrode, that – like the dust example above – leads to increased electrical resistance. As the heat builds, so do the chances of an arc flash.

4. Poor maintenance

When was the last time you had your property’s wiring, switches, circuit breakers and meter box checked out? If it’s been a while, or it’s never happened at all, damage and wear & tear may have taken their toll – or poor installation from the outset may now be coming home to roost.

5. Condensation/water

We all know that moisture and electricity don’t mix. When it does, the current can find its way out of the system, connection or wiring via the highly conductive liquid or even condensation and cause a devastating arc fault.

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