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Bring life back to your worn-out old patio, by getting in touch with Tradie Near Me. You can use our recommended Adelaide concreters to achieve the kind of concrete patio you have been dreaming of! Using our expert concreters who come with years of experience, you can enhance the value of your property, have a space you can enjoy for many years, and create the look you want with minimal need for a lot of maintenance. It is safe to walk, and safe to use near a pool as it is non-slip and stain-resistant too!

Concrete patio contractors Adelaide

Our Adelaide Concrete Patio Services

Here is a closer look at some of the services our verified Adelaide concreters offer:

  • Concrete patio repairs: Over time patios can start to show signs of wear and tear. Hailstones, rain, strong sun rays, winds and other weather patterns can cause damage over time. Add to that your use of the patio and it is normal for even a good patio to start to show signs of use. Discolouration, bumps, cracks, and so on. These are not just less attractive to look at, these are safety issues. You are more at risk of slipping and tripping when you and your guests use the patio. We have a network of experts that can repair patios that might not be ready for a complete replacement, but repair work can help make it safer to walk on and more attractive again too
  • Resurfacing work: Rather than just repairing your patio, a resurfacing job would take out the old patio and resurface it with a new concrete surface. It is not expensive to do and you can create a long-lasting and attractive patio that adds value to the home
  • Sealing: When you have a new concrete surface down, or perhaps you have an older patio but it was never sealed, you should have our recommended professionals at Tradie Near Me handle the sealing to make it waterproof, stain-resistant and even more durable. It also protects the concrete surface so if you have stamping or other such decorations it protects them from the elements. Sealing the concrete also makes it a lot easier to clean and there is no maintenance required.
  • Spray-on concrete: With some concrete patios the solution is a spray-on concrete method. You can enjoy a range of effects so you do not have a grey boring concrete patio. Want the look of sandstone, natural stone, brick even and not the cost? Talk to our experts about the spray-on concrete effect we can use that will put a big smile on your face.
  • Stencilling and stamping: Just as our experts offer stencilling and stamping effects on concrete driveways, you can get the same patterns, colours and looks with your patio. Create something that suits your home, something unique, something elegant, whatever you want! Having patterns on the concrete lasts a long time so you can admire your lovely concrete patio for years to come.

Why Choose Tradie Near Me?

At Tradie Near Me, you can have successfully repaired, restore and renew concrete patios for many Adelaide homes and clients with the help of our verified and recommended technicians. They use a range of top-quality materials, have experience with a variety of finishes and colours, and can truly create a unique and attractive patio for anyone. Tired of guests tripping on your cracked patio and feeling embarrassed? Tired of tripping on your own patio and feeling the pain? Give us a call and let us help you find the best concreters for you.

Rest assured that the concreters we recommend are:

  • Top-rated: We review and recommend only the best concreters for your concrete patio needs, checked by a Level 5 Google local guide.
  • Locally-owned business: All the concreters on our network are proudly owned and operated by local Australian companies.
  • Offers upfront pricing: After inspecting the site, you get a firm quote upfront before work starts.
  • Provides workmanship guarantee: So you can be sure of the quality of the work and have peace of mind.

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