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Looking For Safe Wasp Removal In Adelaide?

If you thought that last bee-sting hurt, just wait until a wasp gets you – and then comes straight back and stings you again and again and again! In fact, while we have plenty of dangerous creatures in Australia, about half of all bite-related deaths are actually caused not by snakes or spiders, but by anaphylactic shock inflicted by stings. That fact alone makes professional Adelaide wasp pest control something you should really start to think about… right now!

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Look Out For Those Yellow And Black Wasps!

Worse still, there aren’t just one or two wasp species in Australia – there are thousands! Here are the two you’re most likely to run across:

  • The paper wasp: Bright yellow and black, and longer than a bee with a narrow waist, these are the ones you’re likely to see hovering around your garden.
  • The European wasp: With a very, very nasty sting, the European wasp is similarly coloured but smaller and more bee-like – and you’ll find them zipping around rather than hovering.

While the paper wasp sting is extremely painful, you REALLY don’t want to be attacked by an aggressive European wasp. Also, bear in mind that about 10% of every sting victim will then develop an allergy that could mean subsequent stings are fatal.

So before we do anything else, make sure you’re doing the following wasp removal precautions:

  • Remove access points to your home, including cracks
  • Be aware that bright clothes & flowers attract wasps
  • Don’t leave food or drink lying around – especially anything sweet
  • Don’t leave wood lying around
  • Cover rubbish bins
  • Be aware that wasps love water
  • Check your eaves & corners for nests

What To Do If You Find A Wasp Nest?

All too often, experts in wasp removal wring their hands in distress when they hear about people who attempt to get rid of a wasp nest by themselves. Not only is ‘stirring up the hornet’s nest’ obviously dangerous, but removing it before the real professionals get to your place can actually make their treatments much less effective. So let us be clear: Leave that wasp nest well alone!

Now, to be really clear: If you find a wasp nest at your place, treat it exactly as you would treat the most poisonous snake on earth – get your kids and your pets to a safe place and immediately call a trusted, experienced, trained and fully-licensed Adelaide wasp nest removal expert.

Why’s that?:

  • They have the gear: We’re talking in particular about special protective equipment (PPE) but also a true arsenal of up-to-date tools, technologies and products.
  • They have the know-how: Let’s face it – you have no idea how to battle with a wasp, and you really don’t want to find out. Every wasp exterminator knows how to remove wasps and their nests whilst keeping themselves, you and your community safe.
  • They’re affordable: We know DIY might be tempting, but professional wasp control is a tiny cost to pay when you consider the safety they provide you with – not to mention nipping that wasp problem in the bud quickly and properly.

How To Ensure Professional, Reliable Wasp Control?

If you simply Google it, you’ll notice there are all sorts of local wasp and pest controllers near you. But only the hand-picked ones that are expertly reviewed and recommended by Tradie Near Me can truly be trusted for fast service, top quality and fully-guaranteed solutions, fair and up-front pricing – and a smile every time.

All you need to do is get in touch with Tradie Near Me because we meticulously verify every single wasp and pest expert we list for reputation, reliability, price, speed and service. Spotted a wasp, located a wasp nest, or need a professional to devise a wasp prevention plan especially for your home or premises? Get in touch with Tradie Near Me right now.


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