Who doesn’t love trees? Some of these natural wonders, though, are loved even a bit more than that – due to their ecological significance, their age, their rarity, or their cultural importance. So what do you need to know about pruning or removing protected trees in Queensland? Let’s take a deep dive:

Are there protected trees in Queensland? Oh yes, there are. They get this protected status under a range of local and state regulations – some of them quite complex indeed. So the second question is whether it goes beyond removing protected trees and extends all the way to mere pruning.

List of protected trees QLD: A quick overview

First, let’s dive into a few protected tree species in Queensland and the guidelines for removing and pruning protected trees that you really need to know about:

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1. Macadamia nut

Macadamia nut tree

Native to Queensland, the Macadamia integrifolia is protected due to its economic and cultural significance – particularly if you have quite a few of them on your land.

2. Bunya pine

Bunya pine tree

Araucaria bidwillii is significant in Aboriginal culture but also plays a unique role in its native ecosystem.

3. Hoop pine

Removing protected hoop pine trees

Araucaria cunninghamii has been historically over-exploited in Queensland for timber, and is therefore conserved these days for sustainable use and ecological balance.

4. Eungella tree

Fontainea oraria

Fontainea oraria is particularly rare, so its conservation status will hopefully stave off total extinction.

5. Lemon myrtle

Removing protected lemon myrtle trees

Often found in Queensland’s sub-tropical rainforests and known for its rich lemon scent, Backhousia citriodora is also economically important for the food and cosmetic industries.

What you need to know about protected trees: FAQ

You’ll always need to check with your specific local council if you intend to remove one or more of these trees, but generally, you should be able to get away with basic pruning for a spot of maintenance or to remove a hazard. However, the more significant of the protected trees may also have restrictions in place even for pruning, so always ask an arborist or the council to see if consultation or permission is granted.

Need to know a little more about what trees are protected in Australia and our sunny state? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are gum trees protected?
A: Certain gum species in Queensland might be protected depending on their size, age, health, and significance.

Q: Can you cut down a Jacaranda tree?
A: Whilst not normally listed as protected species, always check with the council or a local arborist as certain mature or significant trees – regardless of species – may have specific protections or require permits for tree removal.

Q: What about the Poinciana tree?
A: Known for their red, vibrant flowers, Poinciano trees can be protected in certain areas of Queensland due to their landscape significance.

Q: Do I always need a permit to prune or remove trees on my property?
A: Not every a tree requires a permit for pruning or removal, but local regulations can differ significantly from council to council.

Q: How can I find out if a tree on my property is protected?
A: The best way is to check with the council or consult with a professional arborist.

The critical role of arborists in tree protection

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