Imagine it: you’re at home, those lights are shining brightly, the air conditioner is humming, the shower is still hot – but you notice power points not working. You unplug the kettle, try the toaster instead, and still nothing. You switch to another power point, and then another, and then another – it’s just one faulty power point after the other.

Lights working but not power points?

Now, if it’s just one electrical power point not working, it could simply be on the blink. No big deal – just wear & tear, or a loose connection or frayed wire. But if it’s multiple power outlets not working, or – worse still – the problem is affecting every single one in the entire home, something serious is up. It’s obviously impossible to ignore the problem, but it’s also important to recognise that something systemic or even dangerous could be going on here.

Some power points not working – Or all of them?

Powerpoints not working – and stress rising? Fear not, because understanding the problem is always the first and critical step to the solution. So let’s give this a shot with a systematic troubleshooting approach:

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1. Check if the appliance works

You sure it’s the power point not working rather than the appliance itself? Try other power points to see if that fires it up, because you might not be dealing with a major power point issue after all.

2. Test other power points

If you discover that it’s not one power outlet not working, but many of them, let’s determine the full scope of the issue by checking other power points in other rooms of the house – from one corner of your property to the other.

3. Inspect the circuit breaker

Head out to your home’s power box or electrical panel – whatever you call happen to call it at your place. What you’re looking for are tripped circuit breakers, safety switches, RCDs, or in older homes maybe even blown fuses. If it’s a breaker or switch that has tripped, look for something in the ‘off’ rather than ‘on’ position like everything else – and gently push it back.

4. Try the reset button

We just mentioned RCDs, the technical acronym for residual current device that are more commonly known as the safety switches that protect against power point overload and electric shock. Simply pressing the reset button could be enough to resolve the problem.

5. Check for overloaded circuits

Your home’s electrical system is divided into various circuits, and it’s possible that one appliance in particular, or multiple powerful appliances, are just overloading a circuit. So unplug absolutely everything on the affected circuit, and then switch that circuit back on. If you’re back in business, reconnect the appliances one by one to try to pinpoint the culprit.

6. Look for signs of damage

Don’t dig too deep into those dangerous power points, but see if you can detect any visible signs of wear, tear, burning or other damage. Don’t touch any exposed wiring or try any repairs for yourself – you’re definitely going to need a licensed electrician.

7. Ask the neighbours

If you’re still in the dark, pop over to the neighbours on either side and see if they’re dealing with the same problem. If it’s not just you, don’t worry about your powerpoints or your home’s electrical system – the issue is further down the line.

8. Try a power point tester

For less than $50 at the hardware store, you should be able to buy a powerpoint tester that will test the outlet’s voltage and detect any wiring issues. Just read the instructions carefully before using it.

9. Did you have any work done?

Have you had any electrical work done at your place recently? Perhaps the installation of a major appliance, or just maybe there was a power surge or lightning storm you can recall that may be the genesis of what’s gone wrong.

10. Find a great licensed electrician

If you’re still in the dark, it’s time to find a great licensed electrician near you. Never forget, there’s almost nothing more dangerous than electrical faults in your home’s electrical system, so it needs to be fixed quickly – and properly.

Power points not working? Help is around the corner

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