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Looking For Premier Sydney EV Charger Installation Services?

With petrol prices soaring, climate change on our minds and exciting sustainable technologies racing ahead, Australians have fully embraced the electric vehicle revolution with a more than ten-fold leap in sales compared to just five years ago.

EV charger installation Sydney service

Here’s How To Maximise Your EV Experience

But if you’re really serious about getting the most out of your EV, you should be looking into your very own EV charger installation – and Tradie Near Me can help connect you with the most trusted and qualified local electricians and EV charger installers Sydney wide.

At the wheel of a sleek and fun-to-drive EV, you’re not spending a cent on petrol whilst slashing your carbon footprint. The best part, however, may be forever skipping the line at the busy petrol station – because all you need to do to ‘refuel’ is plug in the charging cable at home.

But did you know these Level 1 chargers supplied by your EV manufacturer are slow compared to the alternatives? With the supplied cable, power is only delivered to your EV at a rate of about

A Level 1 charger is the slowest charging option available for electric vehicles, typically delivering – depending on the battery type and size – only about 4-8 kilometres of range per charging hour? From empty, you’re therefore looking at about 20 hours for a full charge.

But with Tradie Near Me, we can connect you with the best fully-licensed electricians Sydney-wide who have all the training and qualifications necessary to install your very own EV charging infrastructure at your home or business premises. The hand-vetted, highly experienced tradies we connect you with comply with all Australian standards, wiring rules, EV charging infrastructure guidelines and the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Accreditation guidelines.

What Will EV Charging Installation Do For You?

For much faster, more convenient and safer at-home EV charging, you should consider getting a Tradie Near Me-recommended EV charger installer to pay you a visit Sydney wide. They will:

  • Assess your premises’ electrical capacity
  • Determine the most suitable charger location
  • Ensure the wiring is up to code and the required load
  • Carry out start-to-finish charging station installation
  • Connect the properly-grounded installation to the breaker
  • Safety test the installation so it’s good-to-go!

Depending on the specifics of your particular EV charger installation, you could soon be enjoying Level 2 and even Level 3 fast-charging, providing up to 32-40 kilometres but even as much as 90-130 kms of range in as little as 20-30 minutes up to an hour of charging. All EVs are able to access DC fast-charging as long as you use the best EV charger installers near you.

With same-day service and the most competitive rates and all technical and compliance issues taken care of, your EV charging installation will be:

Fast & convenient: Stop waiting all day and night for Level 1 charging whilst avoiding the big line at the public fast-charging station.

Cost-effective: Not only fast, safe and convenient, but cheaper to charge too – meaning you’ll pay off the cost of EV charger installation in no time.

In your control: Put your EV charging on your schedule rather than anyone else’s, with the benefit of charging at night during cheap off-peak hours.

Game-changing: Get the most out of your EV’s range and all performance features every single day by fully (rather than partially) charging your battery each time.

And did you know that the best EV charger installers Sydney wide may also be able to help you with:

  • Electrical system upgrades?
  • Obtaining of permits & site inspections?
  • Maintenance, repairs & professional cleaning?
  • Networking, software & ongoing support?
  • EV charging consulting, advice & guidance?

Find Local EV Charging Installers With Tradie Near Me

If you’re looking to get the most out of your EV, start your search for the best local EV charger installer Sydney wide today. Here at Tradie Near Me, we only work with a hand-vetted network of the most experienced, trustworthy and friendly EV charging installers near you, offering stand-out expert services, upfront pricing, obligation-free quotes and fully-guaranteed workmanship on every residential and commercial job.

Getting started right now is as easy as checking out Tradie Near Me and entering your details – we can’t wait to get your electric motor whirring today!


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