It’s 2024, which means that if you haven’t already embraced downlights at your place and for your space, Australia is leaving you behind. For sleek design, efficiency, versatility and just plain style, choosing from the exciting current range of downlight types means we can light up our spaces in ways we never previously imagined. But are you feeling a little overwhelmed about the sheer number of different types of downlights that are out there these days?

Energy saving downlights that don’t skimp on style

Don’t stress, because whether you’re looking to brighten up your living room or add some sparkle to your kitchen or impress your clients at your stylish business premises, we’ve got the lowdown on which downlights are best.

1. LED downlights

Do downlights use a lot of electricity? Not these days! They’re designed for energy efficiency and typically use much less electricity compared to traditional incandescent downlight bulb types, so let’s jump straight to what everyone is talking about in 2024 – LED downlights.

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They’re now the go-to for anyone looking for maximum modern style whilst cutting down on energy bills without skimping on quality. Great for pretty much any space, LED lights are not just about saving a few cents – they’re about brilliant light that lasts ages. And with standard options to dim them, you can always set the mood *just* right.

2. Halogen downlights

Still a reliable friend – always there when you need them. Sure, when it comes to the Halogen VS LED downlight comparison, they’re definitely not as energy efficient – but they pack a reassuring punch with their distinctive warm glow. They also cost you less at the cash register, making them the right choice if you’re not ready for LED just yet.

3. Incandescent downlights

Oldies, but goodies – the old school of lighting. Sure, they’ve taken a major back seat due to their higher energy use and the heat they emit – and vastly inferior durability. But they still have that classic vibe and are widely regarded as one of the best downlights for living room spaces that remind you of the past – if that’s what you’re after.

4. CFL downlights

They were the go-to for energy saving before the LED revolution – much less power than both incandescent and halogen, but they take a minute to warm up. So while not a top pick, they’re still around for those who prefer them for their still-present benefits, like superb colour rendering that can truly mimic that familiar incandescent bulb glow.

5. Integrated downlights

It’s all about sleek design and efficiency. Think of a built-in LED that you never have to fuss over replacing – a set-and-forget solution for ideally lighting up your space both today and for years and years to come.

6. Gimbal downlights

Need to spotlight something special? Gimbal downlights are the perfect solution for that – adjustable and versatile, they let you direct light exactly where you want it. That’s perfect for showing off your favourite work of art or brightening up a workspace.

7. Surface-mounted downlights

No room for recessed lights? No problem! Surface-mounted downlights sit perfectly and stylishly on your ceiling, offering a modern look without the need for all that awkward cutting in. They’re a brilliant solution for concrete ceilings – or when you just want something a little bit special.

Downlight fitting types & more

Choosing downlights isn’t just about the type of bulb. You also need to consider the downlight fitting types – like fixed for a steady glow, or adjustable for the flexibility you’re looking for. And don’t forget about downlight wattage and downlight brightness, understanding that while it may have been more limited in the past, today’s LEDs give you more controllable and customisable light with vastly less power, making them a win-win for energy savers.

Bear in mind, though, that there are a million different types of LED downlights these days – for the beam angle, colour temperature, colour rendering or smart features you’re looking for. With so many LED downlight types available, picking the right ones for you boils down to matching your space’s style and needs with exactly the right tech. Don’t forget, there’s a downlight out there for everyone – and here at Tradie Near Me, we’re here to help light up your home just the way you like it for a price that will leave you pleasantly stunned.

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