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We make finding local customers simple with pay per lead services for tradies.

Attention All Tradies!

Quality Tradie Leads

All leads are exclusive to you – we don’t resell leads to other tradies! To ensure quality, each lead is screened, so you only pay for qualified tradie leads.

Locally Targeted

 Our lead routing system only sends you tradie leads in your selected service area.

Pay Per Lead

With our fixed price pay per lead service, you only pay for the leads that we generate for you. No wasted budget on tradie marketing tactics that don’t bring results!

No Commitment

Our services have no fixed term contracts. You can cancel anytime without any cancellation fees.

Check Demand In Your Local Area

Want more tradie leads in your local neighbourhood? Get in touch before your competition to avoid disappointment!

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How does pay per lead work?

You can’t make money without tradie leads. But too often tradie marketing services fail to deliver the leads promised, or the cost means you’re working to pay for ads with little left over. It’s a common and frustrating situation that can cripple a business. So how do you get more job leads for tradies with predictable cost per lead? The answer is called “Pay Per Lead”. In short, it means you pay a fixed price for exclusive, screened, ready to buy tradie leads. No Google Ad spends, no SEO retainers. You only pay for the leads we deliver.

  • Our established brand and network attracts thousands of visitors searching for trade services.
  • When they request a local tradie we send the job details directly for you to contact them.
  • We screen leads for quality so you only pay for qualified tradie leads.

Can you target tradie leads in my area?

Our lead routing system intelligently sends lead details based on postcode regions. Leads are exclusive to you in your region (not resold over and over again like most of our competitors), we are generating leads right now for Sydney tradies, Melbourne tradies, Brisbane tradies, Gold Coast tradies, Adelaide tradies, Newcastle, Canberra and beyond. Limited regions are remaining for many services and there is an approval process for membership.

How much do tradie leads cost?

Higher population and more competitive regions of Australia have higher higher lead costs. The average lead value for different trades is also factored into our affordable lead pricing. Apply for membership to find out the lead price in your region.

  • 830%
    Average Return on Investment
  • 10-120
    Average Leads per month
  • $643
    Average job value

Quality tradie leads from local customers

Here’s some examples of the high converting leads we send our clients every day. Local customers, looking for local services and ready to book.

“I think there is a water leak between bathroom and a small bedroom, It is a double brick home and found very wet carpet in the bedroom which I partially removed and found wet cement underneath. Would like to know how to fix it and get a quote.”

Plumbing Leads

“I have surface water in the garden pooling against base of house. Looking for a stormwater pit and/or possible french drain solution – pending what you advise.”

Plumbing Leads

“I have a Rinnai hot Flo electric storage water heater that I have concerns about. The system has leakage from the top and I’m looking to get it repaired. The hot water hasn’t been affected in any way but I’d like to get it checked out incase it gets worse.”

Plumbing Leads

“I’d like to know the price to install two external powerpoints (double), one at the alfresco area and the other at the side/front of the house.”

Electrician Lead

“My air conditioner suddenly started leaking a few days ago and in this heat wave, I would like it fixed as soon as possible.”

Electrician Lead

“I have a ceiling fan/light that has stopped working, I would like to understand the cost to check or replace please?”

Electrician Lead

“Require quote for gutter repair, gutter has come away from the fascia in the middle portion. Still held up by down pipes at either end and the remaining brackets. Upper story of 2 story house.”

Roofer Leads

“We need a section of guttering replaced and a downpipe relocated. Can you please contact me at your convenience to arrange an appointment for someone to inspect/quote as we have a dog in yard?”

Roofer Leads

“Hi, I’m after a quote for a single-story smaller home in Alexandra hills for gutter replacement. Downpipes have recently been done so it’s just the perimeter of a 3-bedroom residential.
Sooner the better, cheers :)”

Roofer Leads

“Hi, we’ve noticed that our solar doesn’t appear to work according to our recent energy bill. Bill matches the read but has stayed the same across the last quarter. We are interested in having someone come and investigate/resolve the issue. We recently purchased the house so don’t have a lot of information on the history of the panels.”

Solar Leads

“After having our panels serviced, we were advised that we have an isolation fault in the inverter, and could possibly need a new one! We currently have a 3kw ‘Clenergy’ system!”

Solar Leads

“I would like to have someone look at our current solar system that is installed it is a SolaX inverter X1-LX5200. I would like to test it to see if it is still performing correctly. Also, I have a second system that I would like to discuss options to install on my shed and potentially add a battery bank.”

Solar Leads

“Flying termites ( we believe ) came up via floorboards in bedroom. I’d like an inspection and treatment quote asap please.”

Pest Control Leads

“Can hear a crackly/rustling kind of noise in our living room walls. Is this something you could look at? If so, how much would this be and what is your availability? Thank you!”

Pest Control Leads

“I’m buying a house and the building inspection has said it needs a termite treatment since one has not been done in 2+ years.”

Pest Control Leads

“Hi, we are looking to get out the driveway in blackwood concrete. It is a sloping driveway about 46m long forking at the bottom. Measuring about 133 square meters. The bottom part of the driveway is already concreted in a dark colour and stamped with a European fan pattern, which we are hoping to match. This may not be an option so other options would be good to explore.”

Concreting Leads

“Looking for a quote for a plain concrete or exposed aggregate drive way for our new build, happy to send through site plan and floor plan…”

Concreting Leads

“We’re looking to get an idea of cost for a stamped driveway and perimeter around our home which is going to be built soon. We have the plans and I have made a rough estimate of approximately 150m2 for the driveway and 1m perimeter, happy to discuss.”

Concreting Leads


Send us a message to see if your region is still available. We’ll answer any questions and explain how to get started.