Whether you’re adding value prior to a sale or adding enjoyment to your lifestyle, making the decision to renovate your home is a big one. How do you stick to a realistic budget? How will you cope with the disruption? How on earth will you pick between the almost infinite options? What about all that paperwork? Should you stick with a new deck and pergola or go all out? And how on earth is it possible to find the best Melbourne carpenter near me?

Find the best Melbourne carpenter near me

That’s right: while most people think carpenters only tinker with wood, the truth is that they can actually be the heart and the soul of your renovations. That’s because their primary role in renovations is all of those structures like verandahs, Alfresco spaces, carports, garages, stairs, rails, new roofing, full house extensions – and more.

It’s mind-blowing to consider, but there are literally thousands of carpenters in Victoria alone, and many more across our great country. It means that, wherever you are in and around our capital city, there’s many a Melbourne carpenter near me – some good, some great, some rogue traders.

Here’s how to separate the wheat from the sawdust:

1. Where’s the references?

Did you know 1 in 5 Victorians have been messed around by a dodgy tradie? That’s why the first question you should ask them is how they can prove they are everything they claim to be – in the form of references. If you ask and you get the run-around, keep looking.

2. Give cold-callers the cold shoulder

With so many Melbourne carpenters out there, alarm bells should ring if one of them simply drops in your lap because of a cold call or a knock on the door. You may think it’s rare, but the rogue traders get a lot of their business this way – mainly because it’s the only way they can get any business at all!

3. Don’t pay upfront

Sure, a deposit is reasonable, but if your Melbourne carpenter asks to be paid in full upfront – and especially if they get all wiggly when you ask for a receipt – it’s the perfect moment to run away. And if they’re asking for it in cash, you could actually be dealing with a criminal, not a carpenter! Remember, even great carpenters only charge a modest amount (somewhere between $40 and $100 an hour), so they make their money by being honest, reliable and filling up their diaries with satisfied customers.

4. Follow word-of-mouth recommendations

Even great Melbourne carpenters spend money on advertising – but the absolute best advertising by an order of magnitude is word-of-mouth. If your neighbour has just had a great veranda installed and they can’t stop raving about it, you’ve heard just about the best guarantee of an awesome outcome you can possibly get.

Good luck finding a great Melbourne carpenter!

Finally, if the Melbourne carpenter you’ve got your eye on is well spoken, well presented, can show you evidence of successful recent projects and has all the necessary licenses and hands-on experience, you’re onto a winner. Whether it’s a big home extension, a new pergola or something else entirely, a great local tradie near you can make or break your vision, your sanity and your hip pocket. Happy carpenter hunting!