Natural gas is used by many people to heat their homes, heat their water, and cook with. A gas plumber is needed to install appliances and repair them. Not all plumbers are qualified to deal with gas issues. You need to look for a plumber Gold Coast locals know is reliable, licensed, and qualified to handle gas-related issues. There is a serious safety issue and you want to make sure your home and those who live there are safe.

There are many reasons why you may need a Gold Coast gas plumber or gas fitter, for example:

  • Your gas heater isn’t working
  • You would like to switch from an electric to a gas stove
  • An HVAC system is being installed
  • A gas line is needed to connect to an outdoor BBQ
  • If you can smell rotten eggs and think you may have a gas leak

So how do you ensure you’re hiring the right company for the gas work? There are a few things to check that we’ll run through.

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Hiring people with the right credentials

Natural gas is used by millions of people. It is vital to call in professionals immediately if something goes wrong. Do not attempt DIY or call a handyman. A few individuals have the training and experience to work on hot water units, heaters, gas lines and other appliances. It is risky to have anyone else do it, even if you don’t need it right away.

It is easy to find qualified Gold Coast plumbers that can work with gas. Search online, ask your neighbours or other tradesmen you’ve recently worked with. You can view the websites of local plumbers to see what kind of work they do. Verify that they are licensed and trained to handle your gas requirements. Most will have their licence number on the website which you can look up here to verify.

Ensure you have a gas compliance certificate

People may initially think of any Gold Coast plumber when they talk about their need for a local gas plumber. There is much more to plumbing, and some plumbers specialise in different areas. After you have found qualified gas plumbers with the necessary license and training, you will need to have them inspect your home to obtain a gas compliance certificate.

After the professional has completed all necessary testing, he will issue a certificate of compliance. If you want to connect to the local gas network, or have any gas work done, you will need a gas compliance certificate. You must have one by law to protect you and validate your home insurance. This is why you should have your gas work done by licensed and qualified professionals to ensure that it meets all state requirements. Each state has its own regulations and standards. The Queensland government have their regulations detailed here.

Wrapping up

Hiring a qualified gas plumber will ensure that everything is safe, and that if something does go wrong with the installation in the future, someone will be available to fix it. It is a good idea to have your gas appliances checked and maintained on a regular basis. This should be done about once every three years. Regular testing and maintenance can save you money on larger repairs as well as lessen the stress that large repairs can cause.

To conclude, verify the credentials of any local tradie you hire. You are more likely to be safe and your work will reach the highest standards if you take the time to consider all options.

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