At some point in our lives, we all have to deal with the unpleasant experience of a blocked toilet. Yes, even those high-tech, talking toilets can get clogged up. You might even have a few cringe-worthy tales about your own encounters with a stubbornly blocked toilet!

For most of us, when this unfortunate event occurs, it’s up to us to figure out how to unblock it. There are several things we can attempt ourselves before we need to call in a professional plumber. So, if you’re looking for some handy advice, here’s a rundown of what to avoid to prevent frequent blockages, along with some useful tips on how to unblock drains.

Usual suspects: Causes of toilet blockages

The root of the problem usually lies in people flushing items larger than the average human waste. The most common blockages occur when a large foreign object gets flushed down. Some of the typical culprits behind a blocked toilet include:

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  • Flushing diapers or nappies down the toilet
  • Disposing of tampons and sanitary pads in the toilet
  • Accidentally or intentionally flushing children’s toys like toy cars or Lego pieces
  • A deceased pet larger than a small goldfish
  • An excessive amount of toilet paper flushed all at once

Diapers and sanitary pads should never be disposed of in the toilet. Teach your children not to play with the flush! And remember, pets larger than a goldfish should be buried. If your toilet is blocked, don’t keep flushing in the hope that it will clear the blockage. Here’s what you can do instead.

Essential tools for unclogging a toilet drain

Here are a few items that could come in handy for this task. Some of these are basic plumbing tools that you should always have in your toolbox.

  • A sturdy plunger
  • A store-bought product for pouring down the drain
  • A wire coat hanger
  • Old newspaper or towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • A bucket

The art of plunging a toilet

The trusty plunger is an effective way to unblock a drain. Before you start plunging, make sure you put on gloves. Then, spread out old newspapers or towels (that you’re ready to discard) around the toilet. If the toilet bowl is too full to plunge effectively, you’ll need to remove some water first. Then, position the plunger over the opening and plunge quickly and firmly, then lift slowly. Continue plunging until the water starts to drain or you decide to try another method to unblock the toilet.

The wire coat hanger trick

A wire coat hanger can be straightened and then fed down into the U-bend of the toilet. Wiggle it around until you locate the blockage and keep moving it until the blockage clears. Flush the toilet and voila! You should have a functioning toilet again. If you prefer, there’s an actual plumbing tool called a drain snake that uses the same principle.

Store-bought toilet unblockers

There are various liquids available in stores that claim to unblock toilets, available in different strength levels. Ensure you use them safely and that the room is well-ventilated when you pour.

When to call in a plumbing pro

If none of these methods work to unblock your toilet drain, then you’re dealing with a blockage that requires a bit more expertise. Call in the best blocked drain plumbers in your area and they’ll be able to assist you for a reasonable fee. It’s better to pay the toilet plumbing specialists to fix the problem than to deal with a constantly blocking, leaking toilet that could potentially cause a revolting flood.

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