Did you know Queensland’s power prices are some of the highest in the entire country? Sure, Queenslanders pay a little less than New South Wales and South Australia, but it’s quite a bit higher than Victoria – and as the state intends to completely phase out coal by 2035, things could only be about to get worse. One report puts the average electricity bill QLD-wide at a little over $1600 – but that was in 2019, pre-pandemic. How have things changed since then, and what can you do about it?

Average power bill QLD: Why’s it so high?

We all know that since that 2019 report, a lot has changed in this country. The renewable push is raging, inflation is soaring, and the main regulated residential tariff has risen by hundreds – apparently due to high demand, reduced generation availability, and higher coal and gas prices influenced by global events and instability. 2023 was a particularly bad year for the average electricity bill Brisbane residents pay, with those on the main tariff – Tariff 11 – copping a price increase of around $430 a year. Are things going to get worse in 2024 with regard to the average power bill across Brisbane and beyond? Let’s dive in:

Why Queensland power prices are so high

That average Queensland electricity bill is just a number, but there’s a lot that goes into why QLD electricity prices are as high as they are.

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1. Demographic influences

Younger Queensland residents, especially those in their 20s, have higher electricity bills. But is it just more power-hungry habits? No – they’re also missing out on seniors discounts, and the fact that older Queenslanders tend to be the ones switching to solar.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?: Ask a local electrician about how switching to energy-efficient appliances can lower your running cost and smart home systems that can monitor and reduce energy usage.

2. Renewable energy transition

Do you keep hearing that ‘green energy’ means lower prices? It’s memorialised in the AEMC’s Residential Electricity Price Trends Report, which refers to a 6% price decrease in 2024 – so that’s some good news!

WHAT CAN YOU DO?: Do you have the upfront funds to embrace our sustainable future by installing solar panels and battery storage solutions?

3. Infrastructure & distribution costs

Queensland’s vast geographic spread contributes to higher infrastructure and distribution costs. The expense of maintaining and extending the electricity network across remote areas directly impacts electricity tariffs.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?: Installing energy-efficient and off-grid systems and solutions reduce overall demand on the grid – and your power bill!

4. Market dynamics

The cost of electricity in Queensland is also influenced by market dynamics, including the prices of coal and gas, and the availability of generation sources. Price spikes can occur due to high demand, limited supply, or increases in fuel prices.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?: Ask your local electrician about carrying out an energy audit at your place, and consider implementing energy-saving measures that can help offset these market-driven costs.

5. Government policies & subsidies

State and federal government policies, including subsidies for renewable energy and tariffs designed to equalise the cost of electricity supply across regions, most definitely affect electricity prices.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?: A great electrician can guide you through the complex maze of available Queensland and federal government incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy installations, ensuring homeowners and businesses are maximising their savings as much as possible.

Have you considered:

  • Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting (like LED lighting) and appliances?
  • Installing solar panels and battery storage systems to reduce dependence on the grid?
  • Reviewing and optimising energy plans and tariffs with the help of an electrician or energy advisor?
  • Implementing smart home technologies for better energy management?

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