In our ever-more diverse and competitive world, it can be difficult to tell the difference between one thing and another: Coke and Pepsi, copper and brass, adverbs and adjectives, allergies and a cold. But when it comes to your precious household plumbing, and the damage, disruption and cost that a mistake could cost you, it’s absolutely crucial to be able to spot the difference between a great Adelaide plumber and a fly-by-nighter who could do nothing except mess everything up.

How to find the best Adelaide plumber nearby

First up, we’re not here to bash the vast majority of professional Adelaide plumbers, as most of them are absolutely committed to fairness and great workmanship, investing wisely in great products, equipment and people. But we’ve all heard horror stories about Adelaide’s ‘bad apples’ of local plumbing, because it’s unfortunately not a sector immune to incompetence and con-artistry.

The trouble is how to spot them – but here’s how:

1. Where are the customers?

The trustworthy Adelaide plumber near me doesn’t hide their reputation or satisfied customers – because they’re proud of them. But if you’re finding it hard to get a word-of-mouth recommendation or a verified review, that’s a major red flag.

2. Cutting corners is not ok

If you raise a concern about permits, legality, liability or compliance and your Adelaide plumber brushes it off, don’t be tempted by mouthfuls of promises and low prices. The average cost of an Adelaide plumber paying you a casual visit is somewhere in the range of a shopping bag full of groceries, so trying to cut costs even further by cutting corners with your selection of professional plumbers just opens up the risk of damage and even legal action.

3. They don’t always replace

Some of the most common negative feedback we hear within the industry is that customers so often get caught out by the need to replace absolutely everything. But don’t forget, the proficient and honest Adelaide plumber would much rather keep your bill low and their skills sharp with a timely and proper repair – which is something the incompetent plumber shies away from due to a lack of skills and a lust for profits at your expense.

4. Always trust ‘the vibe’

The iconic Aussie film The Castle made trusting ‘the vibe of the thing’ popular again, and that applies to plumbers just as much as it does to our constitution. Is the Adelaide plumber near you friendly? Well dressed? Are you picking up good vibrations? If the plumber you’re looking at ticks all the standard boxes and they also send out the right vibes, you could be onto a definite winner.

5. They offer the full whammy

Like a dodgy used car salesman, the plumbers to avoid may talk a slick game, but it’s when they need to walk the walk that the real truth comes out. In contrast, the best Adelaide plumber for you is never vague and almost never limited in what they’re able to do, meaning the full suite of services won’t send shivers down their spine – whether it’s drains, hot water, 24/7 emergency services to really test the commitment, gasfitting services, custom solutions, the willingness to take on both big jobs and little jobs – you name it.

Found the perfect Adelaide plumber yet?

Do you think you’ve spotted a respectful local Adelaide plumber with a great local reputation, proven credentials, a willingness to prioritise customer satisfaction over maximised profits, a penchant for free advice – and a genuine smile? Sometimes it’s still hard to spot a local tradie to hire, so we wish you God Speed on your quest for the perfect Adelaide plumber.